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Briefly About GENESIS

Genesis Private Equity (GENESIS) lends money secured by real estate. It is as simple as it sounds but there are requirements that must be met for hard money loans to be funded. GENESIS lends for commercial real estate purposes.

GENESIS will lend money if you own real estate outright, are trying to purchase a new property or land, looking to build or need to refinance.

Many of our clients use GENESIS services as a bridge loan, to start development, to purchase new real estate, or to refinance.

If you fit our criteria, you will be eligible for funding, in the event we are not able to fund you directly we will be able to place your loan with one of our partners.

The amount GENESIS can lend you is going to be based on several key factors:

  1.   When applying for a loan with us we will require us to be first position on the title after our closing.

  2.   Valuations that will create a loan to value ratio (LTV). Normally, our LTV is between 50-65%. The LTV is determined  by us and the information you provide, market comps, the purchase price, and the current real estate market.

GENESIS will issue a loan with terms that include an interest rate and the length of the loan term, and any other fees, payment information and other pertinent information.

GENESIS will fund the loan as fast as title work is complete. Historically our loans have been funded faster than many other lenders.

At GENESIS you will only deal with highly experienced individuals who are as passionate about investing in Real Estate as you are.

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Benefits of Leveraged Real Estate Investment

Genesis Private Equity Real Estate Private Money (2).jpg

Increased ReturnsLeverage can amplify both gains on an investment. By borrowing money to invest, an investor can potentially earn a larger return on their own capital (ROI). This can make leverage a powerful tool for generating higher returns

Genesis Private Equity Real Estate Private Money (9).png

Greater FlexibilityLeverage can also provide investors with greater flexibility in terms of timing their investments and taking advantage of market opportunities​

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Increased Buying PowerLeverage allows investors to purchase more assets than they would be able to with their own capital alone. This can enable investors to take advantage of investment opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach

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